1. After signing in, go to Setting by clicking on the GEAR icon at the top right of the display.
2. Notification switch, if it is turned on, you will receive a text message when your court reservation has been outbid. Bids notifications will stop at 8:50 PM.
3. Bid Limits are for setting the maximum amount the system will automatically bid up to for you.
    When there is an outbid booking, the software will automatically bid for you if the current bid is lower than your setting.
    Off-peak hours (Monday – Friday before 6 PM)
4. Your User name, Email address, and Password can be changed here. Just change them and click the SAVE button.

Your User name will be displayed on the LABC Queueing System for those hours you booked.

With our new online booking system, the Proshop will no longer be taking bookings over the telephone or in person.


1. Select the desired booking date.
2. Click on the cell of court number and booking hour using your mouse.
3. Once the cell color is highlighted, click the Book button.

BOOK, UNBOOK, BID buttons will apply to the highlighted cell/cells.

COPY button is used for copying/duplicating 7 days ago bookings (i.e. previous Monday bookings to current Monday).

CLEAR button is used for clearing your highlighted cell/cells selection.

REFRESH button is used for retrieving your selected date bookings. The software actually trigger REFRESH button automatically in every 6 seconds. But you can manually clicking the REFRESH button if you want to be certain that you have the most current bookings.
Please note that you can select multiple cells at once.

Court reservation/booking still requires all players to have LABC membership/daily guest-pass.


We recommend you to do same day bookings if you find biding process too difficult to understand. You are welcome to consult the employee at the ProShop.

Maximum courts reserved will change from time to time. When more than the maximum amount of courts are booked for that hour, this status indicates that your reservation has been outbid and a bid is needed to be made to keep the reservation.

Example 1

HourCourt 1Court 2Court 3Court 4Court 5Court 6Court 7Court 8Court 9
08:00 PM$20$20$20$20$20$20$20$20$20/$21

In example 1, there are 9 courts are booked for the same hour. The status on court 9 means the bid amount needs to be made to keep the reservation.

Example 2

HourCourt 1Court 2Court 3Court 4Court 5Court 6Court 7Court 8Court 9
08:00 PM$20$20$20$20$20$20$20$20/$21$21

In example 2, the bid for court 9 has been increased to $21 already, thus court 8 needs to increase the bid amount to $21 to keep the reservation.

Example 3

HourCourt 1Court 2Court 3Court 4Court 5Court 6Court 7Court 8Court 9
08:00 PM$20$20$20$20$20$20$20/$21$21$21

In example 3, the process continue as each booking increases their bid amount to $21. The bidding process will stop once someone chooses not to bid, thus maintains a maximum of 8 courts per each hour reservation policy. In this example, the person who booked court 7 will loose his/her court reservation because he choses not to bid.

Example 4

HourCourt 1Court 2Court 3Court 4Court 5Court 6Court 7Court 8Court 9
08:00 PM$21$21$21$21$21$21$21$21$21/$22

If all the bookings increase their bids to $21, then the bidding process will circle back to court 9 with the status which will need to bid again.

Example 5

HourCourt 1Court 2Court 3Court 4Court 5Court 6Court 7Court 8Court 9Court 10
08:00 PM$21$21$21$21$21$21$21$21$21/$22$20/$21

The person who was outbid on Court 9, has decided to add a new booking on Court 10 for the same hour. It will get outbid right away with a status shown. As the bidding process is NOT on the Court number but rather on the total number courts booked for that hour (in this example 08:00 PM).

Please note that each bidding is an increment of $1. See account setting for auto bidding with maximum bid amount.


1. Bidding starts the night before your court reservation date and is from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM.
2. When your booking spot becomes it means you lost your booking spot.
3. You can reclaim your spot by placing a bid before the bidding closes with the BID button.
4. Auto notifications will stop 10 minutes before the bidding ends for the day at 8:50 PM.
5. Cancellations cannot be made for courts once the bidding process begins, i.e. your court reservations must be cancelled by 6:00 PM the night before.
6. Once the bidding process ends, court assignments may be moved if more than one persons book the same court for that hour.

Information/Warning/Error Messages

Your booking needs to be 2 hours ahead of the hour you want to book. (same day booking)
Maximum number courts booked for that hour. (same day booking)
You have already booked that booking spot!
Call LABC ProShop to verify your credit card informantion.
Your requested court number is taken and has been assigned to the court number shown.
Same day bookings starts after 9:30 PM the night before the booking date.
You have an unpaid balance from past bookings. You will need to clear the balance with the ProShop.
Your booking for that hour is good.
Your booking is outbid and no booking for that specific court number and hour.
You cannot Unbook your booking anymore because payment has been processed.
To late to Unbook.
You can not Unbook your booking because you have already bid on it.
Bidding is finished. Too late to bid.